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A walk around the town walls. Fifteen nature trail in the country and a vegetable garden

un_giro_mura_15_passegby Tista Meschi

pages 56, format cm 12×16, ill. col. e b/n, 2003
ISBN 978-88-7246-972-9
€ 25,00

The volume, almost a cahièr de vojage, presents Lucca and it’s countryside from an unusual point of view. Leaving out the usual and well known tourist locations, the author – artist tells of Lucca and mostly of its landscape, with unfamiliar places, on tracks not yet spoiled by daily tourists. The text follows the artist’s aquarelles, a well-known painter, and they recount the real story. The artist’s vision, and the perfect touch of his brush recall the colours and atmospheres; from the small churches hidden between the hills, to the hamlets of Capannori, the vision of the nearby marine horizon of the Versilia seaside to the trees and the villas that surround the City. An enchanting trip to discover the lesser-known Lucca, jealously conserved by its inhabitants.

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