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A Companion to Lucca

a_companionedited by Andreas Prindl

pages 288, format cm 17×24, 2004
ISBN 978-88-7246-429-8

This volume presents an anthology dedicated to history, art and the music of the city of Lucca. Through a chronological course the city is revisited by important authors that have leaded us with their essays in this historical visit where the main stages are: Roman Lucca, Medieval Lucca, Renaissance Lucca, Lucca during the grand tour, Lucca after unification with Tuscany, Bagni di Lucca and then Musical Lucca. Hannibal, taken from Hannibal by Thisodore Dodge, is our first chaperone in the Roman Lucca. More than 200 anecdotes, legends, stories, recipes, poems and narrations of Giovanni Sercambi, Giorgio Vasari, Milton, Montaigne, Byron, Ruskin, Heistein, Heine, Charles Morgan, Luigi Boccherini are some of the 50 authors that lead us, with other excellent companions like Dante, Giotto, Brunelleschi, Savonarola, Mussolini, Puccini and many others to the tour of the city. Thirteen vivid illustrations show the most characteristic and important events of Lucca.

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