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Lucca. Wandering around: its countryside, its taste

by Annalisa Mariani and Riccardo Mazzoni

bilingual, pages 146, format cm 24×22, ill. col., bound, 2006
ISBN 978-88-7246-781-7

A creative book, with a distinguishing feature, the intent to guide the reader to the knowledge of this marvellous city. Spanning though the stories and the evocative sequence of photographs that lead to an exalting journey through art, culture and the flavours of this land. The volume suggests five routes, that from the historical centre branch off towards the outside of the city: from Piazza S.Michele to Porta S.Pietro, from the Baluardo San Regolo to Porta San Jacopo to the foot of the Pizzorne. All the routes are substantiated by photos that that portray the most characteristic places, shrouded in an eternal tranquillity; the pictures are alternated with information and exhaustive details on history, the typical food, curiosities and memories. A photo guide, that contains translations that may be useful to the advanced tourist.

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