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Traditional recipes from Florence

Traditional recipes from FlorenceCarla Geri Camporesi

pp. 68, 12×16,5, 2005
ISBN 978-88-7246-215-7

Strictly Tuscan recipes are traditional recipes where never fail the extra virgin oliveoil, the bread-based soups, spit-roasted meat: simple and genuine dishes thatknow of fields, mountains, of woodland. For the Tuscans genuineness is acongenital need that under no circumstances is neglected; This involves carefulresearch of fresh local products, suggested by the modesty and the savings.When preparing meals, I refer to the family cooked meals, those who have passed down for generations, meticulous care, takes the patience to follow and monitor the cooking even longer, if necessary. Nothing is left to chance, to hurry, though sometimes the fantasy, the need to replace an ingredient that is missing, help toinvent a new combination. The dishes arrive on the table presented simply,without manipulation, preceded by the scents of herbs, garlic, oil, of fine wine thathave spread to the House.

With regard to strictly kitchen fiorentina have undergone questions: Florence citycuisine? the province? neighboring municipalities? The same recipes differ from House to House, and perhaps mother and daughter do the same dish differently.Part of being contentious, Tuscan, never agree, and at the same time nevermonotonous or repetitive; with creativity, and aware that they have contributedto the propagation of Tuscan cuisine outside the village, the Florentines defend their basic, simple dishes to verge on the trivial giving from time to time, resultingfrom reinterpretations of the moment without, moreover, that this leave lastingtraces. Leaving aside the inevitable changes suggested by the individual capacity of different cooks, whether they are great cooks, or the “housewives” our homes, I selected for this small collection of recipes, only the most common ones: “thestrictly Florentine recipes”.

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