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lo specchio del rinascimento

Lo specchio del rinascimento. The mirror of the Reinassance

di Marco Paoli Il volume si  propone di fare chiarezza nella spinosa questione dell’iconografia di Ludovico Ariosto, basata, come è noto, su pochissimi ritratti certi, e alterata nel corso dei secoli dall’attribuzione della supposta fisionomia del poeta a ritratti che in realtà non lo raffigurano. Dopo la puntuale disamina della letteratura sull’argomento, divisa tra interventi di […]

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Garfagnana where time stands still

by Gabriele Caproni and Cristoforo Feliciano Ravera An unforgettable trip. The places and symbols of an unforgettable land. A valley where time still flows with ancient rhythm. The precious photos of Gabriele Caproni with texts by Feliciano Ravera tell his revealing with kindness the secrets and hidden visuals. This collection, the result is an important […]

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I Giorni di Barga

The days of Barga by Gabriele Caproni Exclusively dedicated to the artistic and naturalistic beauties of Barga and it’s surroundings. The days of Barga is a photo book that creates a route between nature and one of the towns that have a more important load of history In the Lucca area. “Barga is a place […]

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Un boccone insieme. A casual invitation

by Carla Geri Camporesi This book can be very useful for those housewives that make programmed invitations or that may have to deal with unexpected famished guests, starting from the direct experiences of the authoress. A complete ensemble of Tuscan recipes (starters, first courses, middle plates and main courses, salads, desserts, jams and sections dedicated […]

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