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Traditional Recipes of Lucchesian farmers


pp. 64, 12×16,5, 1999
ISBN 978-88-7246-094-8
€ 4,50


These recipes have been collected from the live voice of countrywomen living in the surroundings of Lucca. All the indicated quantities are meant for 4 persons. As many ingredients are typical of the region, here are some hints for the interpretation of the recipes: the 1 day old bread often mentioned is the home made kind, still eaten in Lucca; it lasts several days before becoming dry; it is used in soups when it is 1 day old because it has a good consistency that enables it to absorb the broths without dissolving. Any kind of home-made or country-type bread can be used. When we say «oil», we always mean «extra-vergin olive oil» which is produced in great quantities in the countryside of Lucca; and when we mention «peeled tomatoes», it is for semplification but the Lucchesian countrywomen prefer to use fresh and ripe tomatoes or, out of season, the tomatoes they have preserved in various ways.

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