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Jan Van Eyck’s Stolen Identity: The intrusion of the Arnolfini family in the London Double Portrait

di Marco Paoli The volume focuses on the thesis that the painting does not depict, as is commonly believed, the spouses Arnolfini, but the painter Jan Van Eyck and his wife Margaretha; a self-portrait that celebrates the birth of their first male son in 1434. On the other hand, in support of traditional identification, there […]

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Vestitio Regis. The Adorment of the Volto Santo Lucca’s Crucifix of the “Holy Countenance”

by Luigi Casentini and Iacopo Lazzareschi Cervelli   To observe the austere yet benevolent gaze of the Volto Santo (or “Holy Countenance”) in the shadows of the Cathedral of St. Martin in Lucca is to reflect upon a history that stretches across millennia and to hear the echoes of long-ago events that shaped the faith and touched […]

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