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I Giorni di Barga

giorni_di_bargaThe days of Barga
by Gabriele Caproni

pages 124 , format cm 23×21, 100 ill. col. e b/n, bound, 2007
ISBN 978-88-7246-847-0
€ 22,00

Exclusively dedicated to the artistic and naturalistic beauties of Barga and it’s surroundings.
The days of Barga is a photo book that creates a route between nature and one of the towns that have a more important load of history In the Lucca area. “Barga is a place for the soul” says Umberto Sereni in his introduction “and Caproni perceived this, lived, and portrays it. Ample panoramas render the fascination of places without time, from the Duomo to the bell tower at night that remind of Pascoli, the house of the poet, the library…. and many views of the town, it’s palaces, and historic memories.

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