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Fortresses and Castles in the province of Lucca

fortresses_castlesby Andrea Santoro

pages 72, format cm 12×16,5, ill. col. e b/n, 2005
ISBN 978-88-7246-760-2
€ 7,00

With this volume Andrea Santoro proposes a presentation of the fortresses, the ruins and the castles of the Lucca and the Garfagnana, not from a merely historical point of view, but trying to enhance the better kept places, with a particular attention to the local folklore and their manifestations, that characterize this area. Nevertheless Santoro doesn’t forget to give historical information on the castles. Every chapter is dedicated to a fortress, of which Santoro offers a description, including the landscape that embraces everything in a harmony that extends to the proud population that live there; they will be pleased to make you have a taste of the magic of living in a castle through historical evocations, like the one that takes place in Nozzano in September. Some of the castles mentioned by the author are accompanied by legends that give an extra feeling to these constructions, that are fascinating anyway. To enhance and have a complete view of these places, Santoro has used Pierluigi Puccinis illustrations, that give a simple and coloured idea for those who have never seen these fortresses.

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