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The Devil’s Bridge. Illustration and legend

devils_bridgeby Guglielmo Lera

pages 56, format cm12x16, ill. col. e b/n, 2003
ISBN 978-88-7246-742-8
€ 7,00

They say that there are seveen Devils Bridges in Italy, but only the one in borgo a Mozzano creates a circular light on the water below, in which the earth and the sky merge together. However small, this volume offers a great number of illustrations and legends that have always shed mistery on what may seem a simple bridge. Guglielmo Lera divides this book in three chapters. The first introduces the history of the Ponte della Maddalena, enriched by various impressions of the travellers that passed by on their way to Bagni, like the poet from Lucca Bartolomeo Beverini, who lived in the 17 th century. From history we pass to the old tale, known in many different versions, but is basically the same: the contribution of the Devil in the building of the bridge, that since then has been called the Devils Bridge. The volume ends with the last legend, a sort of fight between two devils, from which the destiny of the bridge depends. The richness of the volume is given by the illustrations, that picture the Bridge in different historical periods and from different points of view.

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