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The ways of Giacomo Puccini. The restless life of the most beloved composer in the world

the_ways_of_giacomo_pucciniby Daniele Rubboli

ages 144 , format cm 24×22, ill. col. e b/n, bound, 2008
ISBN 978-88-7246-840-1
€ 25,00

This pleasant photo book takes us back to the life and the artistic experiences of Giacomo Puccini, passing though the locations that are part of his life. The book is structured in chapters, each of which is dedicated to the places of his existence. The result is not only an accurate biography, enriched by the composers words, anecdotes and curiosities, but also a tour of his favourite sites: from Lucca to Mutigliano, from Torre del Lago to Pescia and all the way to Bruxelles. The book contains new, dedicated photos and a large spectrum of archive pictures. So as every place shows us a part of the artist’s life, Puccini invites us to follow his paths. Inside the volume, accurate files study in depth the works of the composer, from the most famous to the less known and aspects of his experience which are unknown, like his poetical talent and his interest for bicycles and motors.

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